Catamaran Party Boat Cruise (Dunns River Fall)

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Step aboard our spacious and comfortable catamaran, where the party atmosphere awaits. Our friendly crew will welcome you with warm smiles and infectious energy, setting the stage for an epic day of fun and celebration. As the catamaran sets sail, you'll feel the refreshing sea breeze on your skin, setting the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable adventure.

Feel the rhythm take over as the reggae beats fill the air, providing the soundtrack for your Caribbean party experience. Sip on tropical cocktails from the open bar, including signature Jamaican rum punch, as you mingle with fellow travelers, locals, and the lively crew. Let loose on the dance floor, showing off your moves to the infectious reggae tunes or simply sit back and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

As we cruise along the stunning coastline, you'll have the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the turquoise waters. Jump off the catamaran and snorkel among colorful coral reefs, marveling at the diverse marine life that calls these waters home. Our snorkeling equipment is provided, ensuring that you can explore this underwater paradise with ease.

Along the way visit the World Famous Dunn's River Falls! Jamaica's most visited attraction is in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. This tour features the 600-foot waterfalls of Dunn's River, for you to climb while the natural water massages your body and relaxes your mind. Guests can climb from the base of the falls, hand in hand like a linked chain, under the guidance of competent and reliable tour guides. Dunn's River guides are experienced in guiding you to the falls and can use your camera to take a picture as you pose under different areas of the falls.


Duration: 6 Hours 

Party Size